Roof MD offers FREE Roof Inspections so you can get the answers you need. Whether you have a leaky roof, need a complete roof replacement or just checking in, we can help! Book yours today!

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A roof inspection is a service that a professional roofing business performs to assess the current condition of your roof. A comprehensive analysis of any present issues, as well as possible solutions, is provided. If necessary, this may include anything from simple roof repair to major roof repairs, roof restoration, or even total roof replacement.

Roofing contractors will typically charge their customers $100 or more for a roof inspection and report. However, roof inspections and reports performed by Roof MD are 100% FREE and usually completed 48 hours after you request one.



  • When you notice a wear, a leak, or visual damage to your rooof.
  • When purchasing a home as part of the buyer inspection process
  • When a seller is listing a property to be made aware of a roof problem that could affect their transaction
  • When a roof certification is required by a lender as a condition of loan funding
  • When a roof certification is required by a home owner insurance policy
  • When a roof certification is required by a buyer, before closing on a property that they are purchasing, to make sure that the roof isn’t going to be a problem after they move into the home.



A Roof Report will usually include a description of the conditions that were discovered and noted during the Roof Inspection. The following are some examples of things mentioned in a Roof Report:


  • Number of Roof Layers
  • Pitch of the Roof
  • Roof Type
  • Estimated Age of the Roof
  • Estimated Remaining Years of Life Expectancy of the Roof
  • Any Noticeable Leaks
  • Color of the Roofing Material
  • Certifiable Condition of the Roof
  • Duration of any Required Certification
  • Any Findings of Current Problems or Conditions That Could Pose Future Roof Problems
  • Recommendations to Correct Current Problems and to Prevent Future Problems
  • Exclusions from Certification


These guys have been great to work with! Super-fast to respond, great service, easy to work with, and they issue a great inspection report!

Eric Hummel

Happy Roof MD Client , Nashville, TN

Vera Jenkins
Vera Jenkins
Roof Md did an awesome job from inspection to repairing my roof. They were very professional, thorough, and attentive to my questions and concerns. I will definitely contact them again for any service needs.
tim maxwell
tim maxwell
Great communication throughout the entire process. The roof was installed on time.and with great quality.
Vinita Ott
Vinita Ott
Brett, came to inspect the home & shared leak is due to the repair done around the chimney which was done incorrectly according to him. It rained quite a bit since work was done & so far there is no leak. Brett also tried to accommodate the repair early due to the rain in the forecast for which I am thankful. Being a realtor I know how important it is to keep your roof from leaking as it can cause secondary damage.. Moving forward I will definitely refer Roof MD for roofing work.
William Hamlin
William Hamlin
After recent strong storms, we developed a small leak on our two story home and were refered to Roof MD by friends. They were extremely helpful, prompt, found the issue right away, and performed repairs on the spot. Several months later another storm took off a lot of shingles warranting a total roof replacement. The whole process from start to finish was seamless. Professional, courteous, experienced, responsive, highly recommended.
Carolyn Hill
Carolyn Hill
They have been exceptional. I mostly worked with Brandon and he was great.
Brett and all the people that work with him were so helpful and really cared about roofing. We had so many problems with our insurance but Brett and his crew stuck with us all the way to the end. The job they did was amazing and we decided to upgrade to the best quality roof and it was worth every penny. Great and honest people that will not rip you off. Thanks again for all your help...Y'all Rock!!!