We offer Good, Better, and Best packages to fit the different needs or wants of all of our customers


Noticed leaks or have missing or damaged shingles on your roof? You may need to invest in a roof replacement to keep your home safe and avoid internal damages that can be costly. Whenever you think you need a roof replacement, contact us — we’ll provide you with a free inspection and quote our price before the work gets started.


Everything we do starts with an in-depth and honest inspection of your roof. Many roofing companies blow through the inspection step, straight to roof replacement. We pride ourselves on only replacing a roof if it’s the ABSOLUTE right option for the customer. So, once we settle on roof replacement, you can rest easy knowing your roof is in safe hands.


  1. We use Synthetic Underlayments.
  2. We add installation of Ice & Water Shield on all roof to walls, penetrations and eaves if upgraded packages are purchased.  All packages include installation at the valleys.
  3. We place Starter Strips at ALL the eaves.
  4. We install Drip-Edge Flashings on ALL eaves and rake edges to protect your sheathing and eaves.
  5. We install trusted Owens Corning Dimensional shingles as a minimum unless suppliers are out of stock or the homeowner requests another product.
  6. We ensure adequate ventilation by including premium, wide, storm-resistant continuous ridge venting on on our Better and Best packages unless the roof already has sufficient ventilation.
  7. We replace ALL non-heating & air vents and flashings on the roof instead of re-using worn ones like other roofers often do.
  8. We do offer Roof MD Financing and will work with your insurance to help get it covered if eligible.
  9. We offer a 10-year Workmanship Warranty.
  10. We are a Owens Corning Preferred Installer which allows us to offer their Preferred Installer Limited Lifetime Warranty on our installs.
  11. We are licensed and insured, which is not a requirement for jobs under $25,000 in Tennessee, so you know we are installing your roof the correct way.
  12. The average roofing company in the USA goes out of business in 2 years. We’ve been in business since 1987, so you can count on us being there if something goes wrong in the future. 

Don’t just trust any roofing company with a project as important as a complete roof replacement. Book a FREE roofing consultation below and get an honest evaluation of your roof’s condition.


Proudly Serving Middle Tennessee Since 1987

“No other Roofing Company in Middle Tennessee Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”


A super cheap quote for a roofing replacment should be a warning sign for some low-quality or suspicous practices from roofing companies. Be wary of meager prices because it typically means a few things:

  1. The company is not licensed, and their workmanship is inferior.
  2. The company uses cheap materials to try to make up for the loss at a lower price.
  3. The company takes shortcuts like not correctly covering the deck with underlayment, incorrectly overlapping shingles, and re-using old flashings/materials to make up the loss on the lower price.
  4. The company isn’t professional during their install including poor language, carless behavior, and leaving a mess on the premises.
  5. The company may take a deposit and then never finish the job.

Trust a company that has been providing high-qaulity craftmanship since 1987 and book a FREE consultation today!


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