Andrew J

I am a licensed Realtor and use Roof Doctors to inspect homes for me regularly. Roof Doctors does inspections for free, so you’d think they would overbid jobs to make their money that way, but that’s NOT the case. I routinely list homes and have buyers agents recommend Homeguard inspections to their buyers which really frustrates me, because THAT company is a scam. Homeguard charges for a roof inspection and they still always find repairs needed, they’ve never seen a roof they didnt want to “fix”. I always have to call Roof Doctors to come out for a second opinion because I know they will find anything that needs fixing, it’s in their interest financially to find repair work that’s needed, but I also trust them completely not to make up false issues in an attempt to make money.  On several occasions, no repairs were recommended, which means they get no money out of the inspection.  Thats honesty!  That degree of honesty is not something I’ve ever seen from another roofing company.  When I call RD for a second opinion, their quoted repairs are often 30% to 70% less than what was quoted by the scammers at Homeguard.  I highly recommend calling Roof Doctors if you need your roof inspected or repaired.